we produce parts from metal and engineered polymers. We use modern machines and processing technologies. Production of details according to drawings, sketches and samples of the customer, performing the design of non-standard parts.

our equipment allows you to perform work on any type of metal, alloys and non-metallic materials. You can order lathes from us, milling and other works, which are performed on modern and high-tech equipment. We guarantee high quality processing, fast lead times and reasonable prices.

we design details and knots of cars and mechanisms, we establish technical conditions for production. 3D modeling of metal structures and products from engineering polymers. When creating a project, we take into account all the requirements of the Customer.

we manufacture industrial equipment according to the Customer's parameters. If necessary, our specialists will help you to create drawings and design documentation.

Engineering polymers - alternative to bronze, caprolon, polyamide, fluoroplastic and rolling bearings. Engineering plastics are allowed to come into contact with food (FDA) and are able to work for a long time without the use of lubricants.

perform overhaul of metalworking machines. We restore and modernize: lathes, drilling, milling, grinding, threaded, presses, boring machines, CNC machines. We provide services: machining, regeneration, CNC management, laser measurement of geometry and calibration of machines, sandblasting and surface painting.


Milling works

We specialize in professional and specialized material processing in two- and a three-dimensional plane at a given depth. Extremely wide range of cutters, used in our company, guarantees very high accuracy of processing, as well as the ability to obtain different types of effects, ideal for the most individual needs of the customer.

The modern and well-equipped machine park in combination with highly skilled personnel provides all our clients with the most reliable and complex services in processing of metals by means of milling..

Every service, which we provide, including milling, characterized by thoroughness and high reliability.

Turning works

Well-equipped fleet, which is operated by qualified and experienced workers, is a guarantee of reliable and comprehensive services for metal processing by turning.

Due to this, we get extreme accuracy during the work performed, and also minimize time, required to complete this part.

Each turning service, which we provide, characterized by diligence, high reliability and priority delivery time.

Other types of work

  • electric arc metallization (spraying);
  • different types of drilling, boring, countersinking, rough boring and cutting, using modern and high-performance drills;
  • chiselling and machining of non-ferrous metals and many other materials, including the use of high-quality splined machines, designed for cutting flat and shaped surfaces, as well as grooves and slots;
  • grinding planes, heat treatment of metals, sandblasting, painting and more.


Mateo Engineering Ltd. is a manufacturer of parts, components and industrial equipment according to individual customer requirements. Thanks to many years of experience and the involvement of innovative equipment, we offer our customers guaranteed quality, convenient prices and prompt delivery.

Many years of experience in the production of parts and industrial equipment is the key to quality execution of orders of varying complexity. The technical potential of the company includes the widest range of services for CNC processing of metals and engineering polymers.