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Electric arc metallization

Electric arc metallization (EDM) Is a process of spraying using two wires, molten by an electric arc, which burns between them. Compressed gas, most often air, sprays molten metal wires and feeds metal particles on the surface of the part, forming a coating. Due to the combination of high temperature and high particle speed, coatings with special properties are obtained, high adhesion strength and density.

Metal particles, getting to the surface, the coated adhere to it and form a continuous coating, the thickness of the layer, applied is regulated by the number of passes of the metallizer and the speed of its movement relative to the surface, which is subject to metallization.

EDM makes it possible to cover the surfaces of parts of all electrically conductive metals, regardless of the shape of the surface. With the use of the process of electric arc metallization restore the size of the outer surfaces (axles, shaft necks, stocks). Apply antifriction coating to plain bearings, restore the inner diameters of worn landing holes under the bushings, apply protective coatings on flat surfaces. Adhesion strength to the base 25-45 MPa depending on the method of preliminary surface preparation.
Electric arc metallization is a highly productive and economical process, the method allows to apply a covering from particles of millimeter and to several millimeters, with, does not cause thermal deformations of the processed products and does not lead to structural changes in the material, covered.

Our company provides electric arc metallization services (spraying), which is used for corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant coatings, as a way of anticorrosive protection of metal structures. It also allows you to work to restore worn surfaces of steel products and decorative metal structures.



Spraying - Electric arc metallization MATEO
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