Guide bushings for MATEO bottle feeding

Guide support rollers

Guide support rollers (plain bearing, bushing guide bearing linear bearing, plugs for special equipment) are intended for giving of subjects by superficial sliding on the plane with the unlimited course. Made of engineered polymer plastic ZEDEX (non-combustible, fire-resistant and heavy-duty compositions) able to work for a long time without the use of lubricants, perceive heavy shock or static loads. Their use allows you to design an inexpensive system of linear motion to solve a wide range of problems.

The guide support rollers of the ZEDEX system have high strength, provide low operating costs and are therefore very economical to operate.

The bearings in the ZEDEX guide rollers are durable and can withstand high loads. The wide range of bearings provides a wide choice of options of application of rollers:

avoid the negative impact of installation errors and incompatibilities;
to avoid negative consequences of deformations of components, mating;
eliminate possible excessive stresses in the structure;
increase the reliability of lightweight structures.
Due to low dry friction, wear resistance and high anti-corrosion properties of the ZEDEX system are used for the manufacture of bushings, guides, plain bearings, gear. ZEDEX plastic bearings can operate without oil under severe operating conditions.

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