Dispenser of bulk materials MATEO

Dispenser of loose components

Dispenser of loose components (hopper for bulk materials) designed for dosing and loading of bulk components into the mixer in automatic or manual mode. To facilitate mounting and cleaning from the inside, the dispenser consists of two parts. The lower part is mounted to the kneading device on the frame. The upper cover of the dispenser has flanges of different diameters for connecting screw conveyors, for feeding material into the dispenser.

Dispenser of bulk materials (cement, sand, grain, etc.) represents capacity, which is mounted on the frame. Strain gauges are installed in the places of fastening to the frame, which transmit information about the current weight in the tank to the central console. As a result, the control program always has data on the current weight in the dispenser.

 Volume, m3 1
Wall thickness, mm 4
Mass, Kg 250
Length, mm 1300
Width, mm 850
Height, mm 1350

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